Time to ban AR-15s

Our U. S. Congress has just passed some new gun laws. We hope and pray they will work. Here are some of my thoughts about gun violence in our country.

The Second Amendment has permitted every American to own a gun, and that has included the AR-15 rifle. The original Second Amendment included a gun with one bullet in it. The NRA and corporate America saw the need to make millions of dollars off of this Second Amendment and have said we will have a safer America if every American owns a gun.

The military AR-15 is used in our never ending wars. Yes, it is going to help by raising the age limit from 18 to 21 in order to own an AR-15. Checking the mental health of each person is going to help.

The real problem we have is the criminal activity that we have in our country. A criminal is going to find a way to own that type of gun. I personally believe we should make it a crime for anyone owning an AR-15 gun.

Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. a Democrat of New York noted that some gun manufacturers saw profits as the “one thing more important to lobbyists and the gun industry than children and houses of faith” and said, “This is about blood money.”

The Republican lawmakers believe they should own this AR-15 rifle to go hunt prairie dogs.

A Doctor Roy Guerrero who was in charge of viewing the bodies of the 19 who had been shot and killed said killing was pulverizing and decapitating. Can you imagine the bullets from that AR-15 rifle could take off the head of a child, there at that Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas?

I think it is time to provide more mental health in our country. It is time to think differently about the Second Amendment. It is time to make it a crime to own an AR-15 rifle.

Where are our moral values in our country right now? We have 26 times more violence in our country than any country in our world.

It is way past time, and we need to fix our thoughts about killing. We need a lot of God’s help. We need courageous lawmakers who will fight corporate America. No more profit making off of AR-15 guns.


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