When God calls to us

As I was walking down Main Street, someone called to me. I know they wanted me immediately, because they used my full name. I turned toward the people but did not recognize who they were.

I went into super-analyzing mode so I wouldn’t appear completely blank. In the past, I had known them for such a short time. People need to be recognized, and I always want to obey that desire.

My memory helped in this meeting. After a few words I recognized the speech pattern. It was some friends who lived in this town but moved away years ago. Everyone has their own way of calling others whether it is by voice, phone, letter or other means.

Our grandmother had her “way of calling” to her husband. When she shouted, everyone around knew that grandma was in need of her man. Her “method of calling” was developed in the foothills of the Ozarks.

In our times of modern technology, there are so many ways to contact others. What if the Creator wants our attention, how does that happen? Scripturally, there were many folks who had been on the hearing-end of God’s call. He uses the work of the Holy Spirit to touch our individual lives. Isaiah and Jeremiah are two Old Testament examples of people who knew God and what He expected from that loyalty. Isaiah couldn’t wait for God to stop talking before he volunteered.

Jeremiah was more reluctant because he knew the difficulty of what God was asking. When Jesus visited his hometown of Nazareth, even He could do little to convince them He was the Son of God. They had strayed far from spiritual reality and the promise they made, through Abraham. He could not do any miracles in Nazareth because of their unbelief and disobedience. Jeremiah had to “Make his head as hard as a rock (know who God was and what He wanted of them). Even his relatives would abuse him, especially the message God wanted them to hear. Scripturally, when God calls, it is by the Holy Spirit, other folks, the Bible or divine intervention. Through the ages, we see the many folks who responded to God’s call. When the call comes to us today, are we ready to hear and are we ready to be used in the ministry of the Gospel to all places in the world?


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