Shopping local is the only solution

For approximately 22 years, I have lived and/or worked in Marshalltown, the last 6+ years at Sears Hometown at 507 Iowa Ave. W. Sears Hometown, fka and a division of Sears, was a privately owned franchise with a local owner but on Thursday, July 14th it closed for good after 28 years serving the community. Another local business, gone.

Why did it close? There are a lot of reasons for the closure of the store, not the least of which were decisions made at the Corporate level. But also let’s consider the impact of 4 lane highways 30 and 330 as Marshalltown residents routinely leave town for shopping and entertainment opportunities. And there is the internet, the tool of convenience until something goes wrong and there is no one to provide the services needed to remedy a problem, all to save pennies.

Nothing can be done about these facts of life. But there are those who work for local government or private businesses but live elsewhere, taking their paychecks with them at the end of the workday to be spent in communities deemed more desirable.

Keeping local stores open will not be accomplished by train “quiet zones,” splash pads, weedians on Hwy 14/Center Street or bike paths to private businesses. The only thing that can/will accomplish that goal, if it is in fact a goal of Marshalltown residents, is for those residents to make a commitment to first and always shop local whenever possible. Support your local businesses so they can, in turn, provide the jobs, goods and services you deserve and need. Strong local businesses attract other businesses which provide more goods and services and help the community grow.

So before another business puts up the “going out of business” sale sign, make the commitment to shop local.

As for me, I will continue to be engaged with Marshalltown and with my many friends.


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