Legalize MDMA for medical uses

Inspired by Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I have asked Gov. Kim Reynolds to call an emergency special session of the Iowa legislature for the purpose of legalizing MDMA assisted therapy in Iowa. Although opioids, cocaine and methamphetamine are all legal for medical use, MDMA is not. This is a relic of President Nixon’s Drug War from 50 years ago.

It is important to understand legalizing MDMA for medical purposes in Iowa could save as many as 92 Iowa veteran suicides in the next two years, before the FDA finally gets around to legalizing it (it is already in Phase 3 trials, the last step before approval). Some people may ask, why bother, if it is going to be legalized anyway?

My answer — to save the lives of 92 Iowa veterans. They risked their lives for us. We risk nothing by making this medication available to them right now.

I have asked all 150 members of the Iowa legislature to support this humanitarian effort. The response has been tepid, causing me to ask — why will you stand by while veterans die?

I urge every reader of the Times-Republican to contact their two Iowa legislators and politely ask the same question.


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