Gently used orchestral instruments needed for lending library

Remember joyfully rising to your feet upon hearing the first strains of the Hallelujah Chorus during a concert? Or maybe the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby is more your style. How about My Girl, Under the Boardwalk or Stand By Me? The Dueling Violinists was one of the most popular concerts at the Live and Local Summer Concert Series at the Grimes Farm last summer.

Stringed instruments have entertained and encouraged us since Biblical times. We have all heard that music instruction improves math and reading scores. Kids with music training get better grades and score higher on standardized tests.

They learn the value of practice, diligence and excellence. Dependability and teamwork become important to students when playing as part of a group. These are just some of the valuable attributes developed in music education.

Would you like to help a child learn this life-long skill and be a part of the Marshalltown School’s band or orchestra programs? The Marshalltown Youth Foundation (MYF) believes every child should have the benefits of participation in the many programs offered in Marshalltown. MYF maintains a Musical Instrument Lending Library to help families for whom instrument rental fees would be a burden.

Do you know of an orchestra or band instrument that is no longer being used? MYF can refurbish it and get it in the hands of a youngster. The instrument will remain the property of MYF to be passed on to improve the lives of many students over the years. Please contact Carrie Barr at 641-750-2890 or grimesbarr@gmail.com.

The Marshalltown Youth Foundation is a United Way Agency.


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