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Cable vs Google

December 2, 2012 - Wes Burns
Ever had problems with your internet?

Not just the traditional "Oh, my internet isn't work, so I have to unplug the router" scenario. More like they "Hey, they said that I should get speeds of 4 mega bytes per second, so why is it I can't I get reddit to load in under 10 minutes?"

Well, worry no more; Google has come to the rescue.

Google, in their continuing bid to bring about the future as it was seen in 1955, has already introduced prototypes for their self driving cars and super-techno augmented reality  glasses. Now Google has decided to take on their greatest challenge yet; the cable company.

No matter where you live in this country there is The Cable Company. They have different names and they claim to hate satellite TV but there is always just one, monolithic cable company. You want TV? Call the cable company. You want the internet? Call the cable company. You want to wait around for a technician who gave you a four hour window to come to your house only to cancel around the end of hour three? Cable company.

So in their most Quixotic of moves Google is going to take the fight back to the cable company.

Google has started their own internet service provider, using their massive cash pile to buy thousands of miles of fiber optic cable and creating a new internet service provider. The kind of ISP that gives you download speeds of a gigabyte per second. A gigabyte. An ACTUAL gigabyte. Oh, and it will provide service for TV channels too.

So fast internet, actual TV and truthful download speeds? Sounds great! And all Goggle has to do is take down one of the most entrenched business models in the United States.

Good luck with that. I'm looking into satellite internet.



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