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Breakfast served all day

April 21, 2013 - Wes Burns
Why isn't every meal breakfast?

Technically, I know that every meal can't be breakfast; the term "breakfast" means to "break the fast," and presumably the "fast" in question was from sleeping, and not from working a double shift with no breaks.

The kind of breakfast I'm talking about is the kind that comes with eggs and a side of toast. You know, the kind of food that seems to taste great when eaten at 7 am, as either the first meal of the day or the last.

So why can't every meal I have come with the option of pancakes? I drink coffee all day long, why can't other breakfast food items spread to other meals?

Because you can't eat breakfast for lunch. Have you every woken up, had breakfast, had a productive day in the morning, sat down to lunch, and ordered some french toast?

No. And not just because no one has ever had a productive morning, ever, but because breakfast in the middle of the day makes you go back to sleep. So do yourself and your productivity a favor and skip the Belgian waffle stand at lunch.

And with that, I've got to go sleep off these pancakes.



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