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All Amish TV

August 18, 2013 - Wes Burns
If there was one group of people in the United States that should have been immune to the culturally draining effects of reality television, shouldn't it have been the Amish?

The Amish, known for plain clothes, simple lifstyle and still referring to everyone that isn't Amish as "English," have been the latest sub culture to become the subject of reality TV.

Remember when the Amish were in "Witness?" That was a great movie ... then they pretty much disappeared from pop culture for a couple decades; which I'm pretty sure is what they were going for anyway.

Now, since A&E, the History Channel and TLC have run out of everything else to make a show about (they reached the bottom of the barrel with that show about people that haul irregularly shaped objects) they have turned to the Amish. Now we have "Amish Mafia," which sounds like a setup for an SNL sketch that somehow became a real show.

Then came "Ice Goes Amish," wherein former rap one hit wonder and current avatar of desperation Vanilla Ice goes to Amish country ... for some reason.

An open message to TV: Leave the Amish alone. But if you have to make a show about the Amish can we just get a serialized version of "Witness?" That might actually be a really good show; which means it would be canceled in about a month. Problem solved.



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