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Addictive Gummy Bears

September 9, 2013 - Mike Donahey
Kyrptonite is Superman’s bane.

The seemingly invincible Achilles fell victim from an arrow, piercing his heel.

For me, my latest vice has been Gummy Bears. Yes, Gummy Bears, the gelatin-based, colored candy has been addictive.

It started out innocently enough. For long drives, especially by myself, I like chewing gum, sucking on lemon drops, or eating M&M’s. The sugar buzz from the aforementioned, plus strong coffee, helps keep me alert. In preparation for a four hour drive from Janesville, Wis. to Marshalltown, I purchased a package of Gummy Bears to have with lemon drops.

I hit the Gummy Bears hard from the beginning, finding them almost irresistible. A second package was purchased en route. And now I need to have a package in the car most of the time.

What makes them tough to resist is that they have no staying power. That is, they melt in one’s mouth just after a few seconds. Conversely, chewing gum and lemon drops last much, much longer.

Gummy Bears have another liability that is, they are not nutritious. No surprise, they sit invitingly in the candy aisle.

15 pieces make up a serving, and there are 120 calories per serving, according to the nutrition facts found on the back of the package. My point is one takes in many calories, as in 840 per bag, quickly.

In 10 minutes I can burn 130 calories on a stationary bicycle with moderate effort, meaning, I would have to spend at least one hour plus burning off the calories from a bag of Gummy Bears.

On the plus side, they provide 1 percent of one’s daily value of sodium, and 9 percent of carbohydrates. There is no dietary fiber value and, for the record, they have 17 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein.

Vitamins? No dice. No vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid or iron, per the trusty nutrition facts.

What is a guy to do? Head for the nearest store's candy section, which, in my case, is either Fareway or Hy-Vee.

I feel another road trip coming on.



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