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Favorite holiday movies

December 1, 2013 - Wes Burns
Tis the season to be forced to endure an unending slew of cheap, manipulative Christmas movies where nothing is at stake and the plot resolution is as choreographed as the unlikely dance number that saves the teen center.

Since the flooding of our airwaves with saccharine will only get worse as we approach Absolute Christmas each of us will inevitably be asked: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Mine, and I don't see the answer changing any time soon, is "Die Hard." I watch it every year as I am wrapping presents, wondering why I didn't do any of this sooner.

But "Die Hard" gets look down upon in the pantheon of Christmas movies; which makes no sense to me. So, if "Die Hard" is rejected from the holiday movie list, and since I refuse to watch any movie featuring creepy CGI Christmas characters or anything where an Elf has amnesia, what is left?

Yes, "A Christmas Story." Fine, that is a great movie. But after seeing it seven or eight times during a Christmas Eve marathon you might not want to watch it ... again. So, I suggest this Christmas season when the family wants to watch a holiday film, throw on "Groundhog's Day."

Seriously. Who doesn't like that movie? And it's a holiday movie, just not a Christmas movie. Plus: Hilarious. There you go, one less family quarrel come Christmas time.



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