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All types of Thanksgiving eaters

December 3, 2013 - Bennet Goldstein

It was a successful Thanksgiving in the Potter household. All the food a man could want right there for the taking. Throughout my family and extended family we have several different types of Thanksgiving eaters and here’s a breakdown of some of them: - The not-shy-at-all eater: Many are reluctant to be the first in line but this guy isn’t. He pushes people out of the way to get seconds after some haven’t even filled their first plate. - The layer man: This guy didn’t major in physics but can load up a plate like he did. People are amazed at how many layers he can put on a plate, then clear it and go back for more. - The one of everything woman: She takes very small portions but pretty much gets every offering on her plate. She then knows what to get for seconds on her next plate. - The saving himself for leftovers guy: This guy eats pretty small portions for the main dinner, then a couple of hours later he loads up on leftovers. It can be kind of gross for others in the house who already have full bellies. I bet you want to guess what type of eater I am. I would say I’m a blend of all the aforementioned eaters.



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