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Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme!

January 24, 2014 - Wes Burns
Here in the next few weeks there is going to be a constant deluge of noise regarding the world’s most important sporting event. The Super Bowl. Then, after a week, those winter Olympics are going to be held. I suppose its tough to compare them. Nobody in the Super Bowl has to walk in with weird, super-America costumes and nobody at the Olympics has to be worried about winding up as a barely intelligible sports announcer one year after retirement. But the winter Olympics do have an unusual leg up on football this year: The triumphant return of the Jamaican bobsled team! That's right folks! The Olympic team that we all weren't sure ever really existed has returned thanks to one of the only few crowdsourced campaigns that didn't end with a remade movie and/or video game from nostalgic hipsters with too much disposable income. Finally, something in the winter Olympics worth watching that isn't curling. I, for one, hope these guys win the gold. Not that I'm really rooting for Jamaica to win over our team, but a Jamaican win would result in HBO playing "Cool Runnings" at least once, and I haven't seen that movie in years.



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