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Resolutions report

February 24, 2014 - Mike Donahey

It is time to measure the success of my New Year’s resolutions as we say goodbye to February.

Like previous resolutions, they relate to eating and exercise.

I was motivated by blogs and articles I’ve written, and also by my part-time employment at the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA.

I needed to set a better example. After all, I’ve informed and attempted to motivate readers to eat smart and move more.

A 2014 goal: To eat healthier meals and snacks. For example, I decided — again— to cut back on the consumption of pizza — especially the frozen variety, that turns into a meal some 20 minutes later.

The challenge is that I have been eating them for years. The brands I like (Pasquale’s, Tombstone and Jack’s) are tasty and have nutritional ingredients, like bread, cheese, meat and vegetables. However, they are highly processed and tend to rank high in sodium and calories. Report: I must credit my better half for success on limiting the frozen variety consumed to two.

I’ve done well on eating healthier snacks. I’ve added apples, clementines and tangerines to my daily diet of bananas. I keep several of each in my desk and grab one when I’m hungry. Not that my desk drawer resembles a produce aisle, but you get the idea. Grade: B plus.

A second 2014 goal: Reduce the number of breakfast items purchased at fast food restaurants. And I must decrease the multiple cups of coffee daily habit I’ve worked myself into.

So far, I’ve not had but two fast-food breakfast yet this year. I’ve cut back a little on coffee, but I have a long ways to go before I can call it a reduction. I do keep instant oatmeal in my desk, which is a plus. Grade: B minus.

Let’s talk about moving more. At the Y, I advise people to cross-train, that is, exercise by combining a variety of routines, such as warming up with cardio, then lifting weights, then more cardio, such as bicycling, running or swimming. I also suggest one change their workouts if and when their regular routine becomes boring. Grade: B minus. I’ve done well at running but not at swimming, hence the grade.

So far, the results are not exceptional, but I’m making an effort.

Look for another report at the end of April.



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