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Please Ride Right

July 7, 2014 - Mike Donahey

I've had a chance to get out on my bicycle twice in the past week, which equaled my total rides last year.

Both trips gave me the opportunity to enjoy the Linn Creek Recreation Trail, as well as a few Marshalltown neighborhoods.

Other bicyclists were out too — the good and the bad.

Regarding the later, I am alarmed at the actions of some fellow bicyclists who don’t follow basic traffic rules.

And many readers know what I mean — the bicyclists that breeze through stop signs, or, who don’t follow basic traffic rules.

Many don’t signal turns, leaving motorists and pedestrians in the dark as to the bicyclist’s intentions.

In the dark? How about the many, many, bicyclists who are out at dusk, in the evening, and at dawn — who are lacking any kind of light or reflectors.

They are the most dangerous — to themselves and to automobile drivers.

I’ve almost hit several bicyclists — they have been seemingly invisible at dusk and dawn while riding in the shadows along some heavily shaded side-streets.

I know the Iowa Valley Bicycle Club works with the Marshalltown Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to promote bike safety at elementary schools. So, IVBC is doing their job.

They also promote safe bicycling in their newsletter. However, now its time for all bicyclists to do their jobs. And it starts with the basics like coming to a complete stop at stop signs or red lights, signaling for turns, and having front and rear lights at night.



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