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Giant deer fossils teach us how the earth changes

October 23, 2010 Deer hunters can only dream of antlers this large on a deer. It is proof of what was possible and common a long time ago. more »»

Fall flights of birds increasing with the season

October 16, 2010 Birds know the season of fall is here. It is time to make way for the advance of winter when food supplies become limited. more »»

The EYES have it

October 9, 2010 WHITETAIL DEER vision is uniquely adapted to this specie’s needs in the survival game of life. As an avid deer hunter, I know that movement is the first thing a deer may tend to pick up on ... more »»

Sturgeon adventures

October 2, 2010 LAKE STURGEON, Acipenser fulvescens, are big fish, long-lived fish and are lots of fun to catch if you can place yourself in the right spo. more »»

Hawk Watch a great time to look up

September 25, 2010 It’s free and open to the public. It happens each year during late September and early October. This activity never gets old. It forces one to study great books with detailed descriptions. more »»

Fall fishing fun makes lifetime memories

September 18, 2010 WALLEYE DERBY participants this year at Halley’s Lodge in Ontario had a great trip to this fly-in trophy only fishing lake. The date was Aug. 13 - 15. more »»

Pheasant forecast doesn’t look too pretty 

September 11, 2010 PHEASANTS in Iowa have had a rough go of it during the past several years. Winter weather conditions were bad. Spring weather with cool temps and rain were bad. more »»

Lots of power in a little package

September 4, 2010 The RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD (Archilochus colubris) is the only hummingbird we are likely to see in the eastern half of the United States. more »»

Keeping the hunting dog sharp is a year long effort 

August 28, 2010 DOG DAYS OF SUMMER are still with us, pun intended. more »»

Panama Birds Program next Thursday 

August 21, 2010 The AMERICAN GOLDFINCH (Carduelis tristis) is a common sight for local area folks. The bright yellow and black plumage of male goldfinches is a distinctive identification clue. more »»

Coyotes are seldom seen but often heard

August 14, 2010 The COYOTE is a dog-like mammal, thinner and much lighter weight than a true wolf. They are survivors from a time at least 1.8 million years ago during the Pleistocene epoch of earth history. more »»

Marietta Sand Prairie welcomes botanists

August 7, 2010 The MARIETTA SAND PRAIRIE was the spot to be last Tuesday afternoon if one wanted to learn, identify and understand relationships within the prairie lands vegetative cover. more »»

Wildlife young are NOT pets! 

July 31, 2010 RABIES is an infectious disease of the brain which can occur in all warm-blooded animals including mankind. more »»

Wildlife young are NOT pets! 

July 31, 2010 RABIES is an infectious disease of the brain which can occur in all warm-blooded animals including mankind. more »»

Deer facts to ponder

July 17, 2010 DEER are out and about, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you may see one or several as they break into the open along roadways or wander into backyards for flower treats to eat. more »»

Wild Pheasants could return if ...

July 10, 2010 RINGNECK PHEASANTS were introduced to the United States in 1881 to the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Thirty birds were shipped from China. Twenty seven survived the journey. more »»

Enjoy the Fourth safely so you can go forth on the fifth

July 3, 2010 The CONSERVATION CENTER is a magnet for anyone who wants to explore and learn about nature. Three dioramas complete with mounted specimens of native wildlife are displayed in habitat scene. more »»

Bird banding in full force across Iowa

June 26, 2010 CANADA GEESE were the targeted capture species this week across Iowa. Wildlife management staff from the Iowa DNR was filling quotas for banding in each district. more »»

If you go fishing, you’ll live longer

June 19, 2010 FISH and FISHING is taking up lots of outdoor time this spring and summer. Why not? The weather is warm, the water is warm, and fish are feeding well after a long cold winter of little activity. more »»

Deer: Adaptable survivors

June 12, 2010 WHITETAIL DEER (Odocoileus virginianus) are survivors. Not so in the late 1880s, one hundred thirty years ago. The landscape of Iowa was changing rapidly with the onset of homesteader. more »»



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