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A platform for a new presidency

October 6, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Now we have two candidates for president bad mouthing each other, neither with any real solutions. I can't imagine the public will settle for one that salts his millions in the Cayman Islands. Meanwhile, the other, sources tell me, outsourced our Marines with a British firm to guard our Libyan Consulate. It seems to me that we should know who our friends with the conditions are. Congressman Walter Jones (RNC) introduced HCR 107 which says that Congress has the only power to start any form of war.

We as a nation are bankrupt and both candidates admit as much but neither mention the

trillions of derivative dollar debt that the banks hold. We the LaRouche Group present a "Platform for a new Presidency."

There are three parts but all must work together. First step, Congress must pass HR 1489 with more than 80 sponsors that will rid the people of the illegitimate bankers debt. Secondly, we must reestablish the United Sates Federal Credit Bank. This is the type of bank that helped George Washington pay for his war. When ever this was done we prospered as a nation. We can then go with the one thing that will create "jobs." North American Water and Power Authority (NAWAPA) will improve our country's ability to increase production many fold. If this had

been done after John Kennedy promoted it, it would have been a great help against this past years drought. This platform is available to either candidate or any one that will follow it by the numbers. It is our only hope of regaining what we once had. Learn more at



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