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HHS mandate creates financial risks

November 2, 2012
John Egnew, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

In light of the current presidential campaigning, there appears to be one area that has received little attention. We have all heard about the HHS mandate forcing all religious and charitable organizations to face penalties if each organization does not comply in providing contraceptives and abortifacient drugs. There is much confusion and misinformation on this penalty, and it up to all of us to find the facts and take action.

Financial impact - The penalty could amount to $100 per day per employee, which amounts to $36,500 per employee per year. This penalty would bankrupt any organization. The HHS penalty, as it now stands, will take effect in September of 2013.

Example - The Informed Choices Medical Clinic in Ames will open in November 2012. This fully accredited medical clinic gives counseling and high resolution ultrasound images of the baby in the womb at no charge. Of the pregnant women considering abortion who go to the clinic, 90 percent will choose to have their baby. This clinic will have to shut down if the HHS penalty is forced upon them.

Lawsuits - There are now legal proceedings underway by several Christian institutions, hospitals and schools against the HHS mandate, to strike down this requirement. This outcome may not be known until 2013 or later.

Actions What can be done now?

1. To defeat this HHS mandate we must vote with our Christian conscience to protect life of the unborn and our religious freedom.

2. Take it upon yourself to have your church, business, or other organizations make an objective risk assessment to ascertain the threat of this HHS mandate. What is being done by your church to educate people about this issue?

We must pray and trust in God, but we must also take action to protect our religious freedom. Remember, silence is approval.



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