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Abortion issue is non-negotiable

November 3, 2012
Carol Johnson, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

None of the candidates line up exactly with my Catholic beliefs so what do I do? When voting I must take into consideration first and foremost the moral issues that are non-negotiables - those issues that are wrong no matter what the circumstances. In other words, they conflict with the natural moral law and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We call them intrinsically evil. A few of these are abortion, euthanasia, same-sex "marriage," human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

I cannot vote with a clear conscience for any candidate who believes these issues are OK and tries to pass legislation to put these evils into law - even if they say they are "personally opposed."

I know some people are getting tired of hearing it, but abortion has to be the most important issue confronting our politicians today. The primary right of every human being from conception to natural death is to have life. There are no other rights to be had, if this one is taken away before he/she has a chance to be born. I have always wondered why a party that aligns itself to the poor in every election does not pull into its ranks those poorest of the poor - those who do not even have a chance to live and are totally innocent - the unborn. But then the more I thought about it, the more I understood that maybe the reason was because the unborn cannot vote.

So I assign a weight to each issue. The "life" issues carry the heaviest weight and even of these the unborn are the heaviest weight because they are "totally" innocent. I must then vote for those candidates who will most limit the harm done. President Obama is totally for abortion here and abroad while Governor Romney puts limits on abortion. President Obama even wants to force us Catholics to pay for abortions (HHS Mandate) which takes away another freedom - religious freedom. I cannot vote for candidates who vote against my faith and morals. Voting for those candidates would make me complicit with the evil. I would be voting for these evils indirectly.

Other issues that are important but not intrinsically evil are war, the economy, capital punishment, immigration, etc. We as Catholics can disagree about how to solve these problems. But on the non-negotiables? There is no wiggle room for me as a faithful Catholic.



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