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La Rouche has the plan laid out

November 11, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I watched the World Food Prize of 2012 on Channel 11 from beginning to end and found the dedication and success very rewarding. Although much has been done, Sec. General Ban Ki-moon said that there is yet much to be done. With all that has been done Ki-moon said of the seven billion people of the world, one out of every five still don't have enough to eat.

The presentation of the World Food Prize to Daniel Hellel's efforts of water distribution in a small way meant greater production. I don't mean to make light of Hellel's efforts but we here in the U.S. could

make a gigantic difference in food production. Our drought was mentioned many times. In the 1960s President Kennedy stated, "Surely a continent so rich in minerals, so blessed with water, and a society

so replete with engineers and scientists can make - and must make - the best possible use of the bounty which nature and God have given us, public and private, federal and local, cooperative and corporate."

That was 50 years ago. He was trying to stop the build up to the Vietnam war from progressing when he was shot. Is that why of the following nine Presidents, not one thought to follow his lead? Not one

thought of this potential. Each put young people in harms way instead.

Now we are possibly looking at World War III.

Now sadly broke and badly in need of water to correct our possible years of drought and production agriculture the Lyndon LaRouche team is the one that has worked on doing this very effort. With all of the yapping mouths on TV yet La Rouche is not allowed to be heard on national news. "The North

American Water and Power Alliance" (NAWAPA) could have been working all of these past years but now we are desperate. LaRouche has the plan all laid out. It would put millions to work, work that is sorely needed. Before this can happen, Congress must pass the Glass-Steagall Law. And since we are broke we need to recreate the Third National Bank. In time we could hold up our "World Food Prize." As well as make a much better world to live in and have enough for every one to eat our fill, every one.



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