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Different kids need different things

February 14, 2013
By Sue Junge , Times-Republican

As many of you who have more than one child know, all kids are different. They have different temperaments so they will react to different situations. Parents learn quickly that what may work for one child may not work for the other. My children were totally different also. My daughter was calm, passive; what most would call an "easy" baby and child. She slept all night 2 nights after I brought her home from the hospital and would pretty much "go with the flow." On the other hand, my son tried me a lot! He had colic as a baby and so he received a lot of attention from the beginning. Once the colic was better though, he was a pretty good baby and slept well. As he grew up though, he was much more challenging and would try me to the limits. I found out soon that with my daughter, all you had to do was give her a look if she was doing something she shouldn't and she would stop. Not with my son at all. It took a lot of redirecting and a lot of sitting in his room to think about how much he had upset me or whoever else had gotten in his way. As he grew, he also had a quick temper, said what was on his mind, and got over it quickly. My daughter, however, held things in; only to explode over something little, when in fact, something else was bothering her. My son is like me; and my daughter like my husband, but very different from each other indeed. offers some great information for those who have "different" children.



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