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Tyranny, oppression in the U.S.

April 13, 2014
Todd Schiebel, Conrad , Times-Republican

At what point do we as citizens of the United States of America say enough is enough? When has government crossed the line and become a tyrant? Is it when government no longer secures the rights of all individuals? Is it when the government has become so corrupt as to ignore the Constitution and violate our natural rights under God? Is it when the government has perverted the basic rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, acquiring property, and freedom of religion? Does the government have the right to forcefully impose a healthcare policy that I don't want? What happens when a government that fails to protect us from other nations, fails to effectively punish criminals, or fails to establish a moral foundation? Is not the government we have today in America a tyrannical government very similar to that which the Founders originally wanted its freedom from? Is not a government only allowed to be a government by the consent of the people who allow them to be governed? At what point do we as Americans choose to withdraw our consent from the government that fails in any of these regards?



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