Daily Record, Dec. 4, 2016

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Glen E. and Teri R. Mann to Manuel Merida, 506 Eastview Road

• Brookside Estates LLC to Karol A. and Roger E. Awes, 514C E. Olive St. #509

• Amy E. and Scott D. Phillips to Artemio Sanchez and Maria Auxilio Sanchez, 2659 182nd St.

• Donna and James Collins to Samantha Fox, Shawn V. Fox and Kevin R. Morton, 406 N. 14th Ave.

• Karol A. and Roger E. Awes to Nader L. and Yvondra Buffalo, 609 NewCastle Road

• HBI LLC to Hunter J. Aten, 2601 S. Second Ave.

• Halyn A. and Randall A. Wetmore to Amy E. and Scott D. Phillips, 102 S. 29th St.

• HBI LLC to No Meh, 212 NewCastle Road


• Jason S. Sawyer to Grant Day, 108 S. 16th St.

• Andrew and Kathy Graham to Michael and Tisha Zink, 509 Second St. NW, State Center

• Damon S. and Heather M. Morrison to Dustin P. and Jennifer A. Blackburn, 301 Lincoln Valley Drive, State Center

• Jose A. Regalado Aguirre and Adriana Regalado to Felipe Bautista Enciso and Margarita L. Bautista, 312 Thunderbird Drive

• Bryan T. McCann to Christy Alvarado Polt and Anthony J. Polt, 610 E. South St.

• Deborah J. and Gene E. Hartwig to Alan J. Hoop, 912 E. South St.

• Finch & Family Inc. to Ivan Rivas Sarabia, 703 W. Boone St.

• Nicole L. Casey to Hortencia and William Soto, 107 W. Ferner St.

• Marshalltown Columbus Hall Inc. to City of Marshalltown, 201 W. High St.

• Kapaun & Brown Inc., Marshall County Sheriff and Katie Marie Miller to Bank of America, 1501 W. State St.

• The Estate of Jesse J. Mishler to Herbert S. and Joellin S. Dickkut and Glen E. and Teri R. Mann, 2461 180th St.

• Debra Zink Webb FKA Debra Zink and William Webb to Scott and Linda Brimmer, 203 Helm St.


• The Estate of Doris M. Case to Cheryl Case, Nicole Case, Jana Jackson, Lila Metge and Deann Ringgenberg, 1633 Abbott Ave.

• Robert Wolgamott to Douglas D. Grammer, 519 Main St., Melbourne

• Beth S. and Larry W. Steffa to Beth S. Steffa, 1203 W. State St.

• John Hoening to Barbara Smith, 210 S. 15th Ave.


• Ai Thi Kirchgatter and Gene W. Thielke to Milo V. Larsen, 513 and 513A Wilson Circle

• Melanie A. and Roger K. Hatch to Marsha Morgan, 609 W. Church St.

• Alexandria and Benjamin F. Vawter to Sierra Lynn Schmidt, 108 Second St. SW, State Center

• Susan E. Buerckley to Contract Exchange Corporation, 2677 Durham Ave.

• Jill M. and Mark K. Vierregger to Isaac Yepez Alvarez, 409 N. Seventh Ave.

• Beth and Matthew D. Streeter to Jennifer Nason, 301 First Ave. S, State Center

Nov. 23

• Gary D. Thompson to Judith G. Nieman, Judith G. Thompson, 1402 W. Main St.

• Debbie J. and Lawrence L. Roberts to Patricia A. and Rodney A. Wilkening, 108 Diamond Grove Circle, Rhodes

• Jack B. Gethmann to Gethmann Investment Corporation, 1400 Lincoln Tower Circle, Units #402 and 501

• Leon J. Stalzer Trust, Marilyn Polley and Dale F. Stalzer, Trustees to Dale Stalzer, Richard Stalzer and Robert Stalzer, 2868 Marsh Ave., Haverhill

• Kristine and Michael Fruth to Marilee Weatherman, 2016 Catalina Place

Nov. 22

• Patricia A. and Rodney A. Wilkening to Damon S. and Heather M. Morrison, 506 Third Ave. SE, State Center

• Susan E. Buerckley to Contract Exchange Corporation, 2677 Durham Ave., State Center

• Ronald J. and Treva N. Hays to Angelica Diaz Chavez, 211 S. Ninth St.

• Anne L. and Steven B. Paullus to Jamie L. and Joshua D. Hoglan, 2007 Edgebrook Dr.

• Jennifer R. Nason to Kyle and Michelle J. De Rossett, 102 College Dr., Melbourne

• Coralynn L. Huff, Coralynn L. Vis and Harvey G. Vis, deceased to Coralynn L. Huff and Coralynn L. Vis, 605 S. Center St.

Nov. 17

• Bluffwood Partners LLC ILS LLC to Rene Morales Barrios and Buffy Ann Rutledge, 606 Union St.

• KMCC Investment Corp to Valentin and Luis Garcia, 903 W. Lincoln Way

• Bluffwood Partners LLC and ILS LLC to Austin Reed, 1214 E. Nevada St.

• Wade Shriver to Dillon Bear and Brandi McClish, 1111 S. Fourth St.

• ILS LLC Marshalltown Properties LLC to Cheyenne Blindt and William Bryant, 310 N. Third St.

• Glenn E. and Rebecca DauSchmidt to Juan Pablo Lopez Ortiz and Yessica Lopez, 403 W. Boone St.

• Beverly J. Allison to Anthony McGrew, 302 Pleasantview Road

• Gary E. and Meradean L. Gifford to Tha Tin Hnem Baun, 1906 Edgebrook Drive

• Citizens Savings Bank to John W. Jones and Dee A. Koch, 302 N. Elm St., Gilman

• OHP 59 LC to Cody Woodrum, 1607 W. State St.

• James Bradley Shipley to Randy J. and Victoria Lass, 601 W. Walnut St., Rhodes

Nov. 16

• Georgina and Ron L. Myers to Michael A. Wyatt, 514 S. 14th St.

• Angelica Diaz Chavez and Jorge Garcia Sisneros to Jorge Palomares Pelayo and Martha Palomares, 1308 W. Church St.

• David A. Feeback to Alicia Fonseca and Francisco Javier Garcia Mendoza, 404 Springfield Drive

Nov. 15

• Chad I. and Jennifer A. Witte to Logan James Woods, 204 N. 22nd St.

• Nancy and Wayne Nelson to Nancy and Wayne Nelson, 123 Sunrise Drive, Gilman

• Alejandro Gonzalez and Yuri Sanchez to Pamela J. Hernandez and Galdino Ocampo Sanchez, 14 N. 11th Ave.

• Nadine J Harman to Jessica A. and Steven A. Brooks, 405 New Salem Road

• Margaret S. and Robert R. Thompson to Richard R. Thompson, 926 N. Fifth Ave.

• Gerald T. and Sharon L. Mohon to Elizabeth and Matthew D. Streeter, 2682 and 2684 260th St.

Marshalltown Police Department


• On Thursday, a vehicle driven by Mohammed Awol Ibrahim, of Marshalltown, was westbound on South Eighth Avenue stopped at the intersection with East Nevada Street when it pulled out to turn right into the path of a vehicle driven by Musa Chuba Dithe, of Des Moines, resulting in a collision. No injuries were reported. Ibrahim was cited for failure to obey a stop sign and yield the right of way. Damage to the Ibrahim vehicle was estimated at $1,500 while the Dithe vehicle received an estimated $2,000 in damage.

• On Monday, a vehicle driven by Diana Guadalupe Chavarria, of Marshalltown, was driving on College Drive when the driver looked down resulting in the vehicle leaving the roadway and the driver correcting its path and striking a light pole. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Chavarria vehicle was estimated at $2,000 while the light pole received an estimated $100 in damage.