Daily Record, Sept. 23, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse Court — Tuesday • Leig ha Welch made an initial appearance on a probation violation charge. The probation revocation hearing is ...

Daily Record, Sept. 22, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse Court — Monday • Marcelena Kay Guevara made an initial appearance on a operating while under the ...

Life, still

Today was the day. Marked it on the kitchen wall calendar, which hangs next to the sink because we can always use a little more art in this ...

Thank public school system for education

After listening to so much disagreement about who is to blame for all the current issues in our country today, particularly schools, I felt compelled to put a few ...

RBG’s death is relevant

Thank you for keeping me safe

Attorney: Black man shot by LA deputies wasn't holding a gun

Pence's jet returns to airport after hitting bird on takeoff

Do you think a Supreme Court nominee for RBG's seat should be filled prior to the Presidential Election?

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