Daily Record, May 14, 2021

Marshall County Courthouse Property Transfers Wednesday • Dawn K. Townsend to Walter P. Lang and Dawn K. Townsend, 604 W. Main St., LeGrand. • DJ Rentals to ...

Daily Record, May 13, 2021

Marshalltown Police Department Arrests — Tuesday • Tanner Uhde, 28 was arrested for driving while license denied or revoked. • ...

Skin Cancer

Sunburn used to be the badge of courage. As kids, we’d get so sunburned detasseling corn and walking beans that our noses had a semi-permanent ...

Help celebrate National Beef Month

During the past 50 years the population has become very removed from their food supply. In the past everyone had an uncle, aunt, grandparent or sibling that was a ...

Hoping for nuclear deals

Republicans are socialists

Fully vaccinated can drop the masks, skip social distancing

Mobile soup kitchens take food, vaccine to Detroit's poorest

Should roundabouts be brought to Marshalltown?

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