The Times-Republican helps you achieve professional marketing with ease.

Don't let our age or ink-stained fingers fool you – we deliver both digital and print with the advantage of various hyper-targeting methods, including:

1. Multiple Platforms to tap into the audience that matters most to you, whether they’re the weekend-readers, or the lunch-break-scrollers.

2. Programmatic Advertising, sending ads through various channels outside of our own website, from Google, to Video Ads, Pinterest, and more.

3. Special Sections published throughout the year, assuring you segmented and focused readers catered to your brand.

4. Contests, beginning in 2022, bring your brand to the attention of our dedicated audience.

Using data-driven advertising, we generate ads quickly and easily to maximize on time, spend, and return. We take your ads and funnel them through the channels calibrated to match your needs, from full-page ads in The Times-Republican, to Facebook ads targeted to Marshalltown and beyond. No matter the project, our team develops a variety of value-focused options, so you can keep on conquering.