Dear Dietitian: Boredom eating


Dear Dietitian, I have recently lost twenty pounds, and I’ve been exercising to keep the weight off. My problem is I sometimes eat at night out of boredom. I know I need to break this bad habit, but I keep doing it over and over again. Help!! Thank you, Julie Dear Julie, Eating out of ...

Your view: Thompson advocates for Marshall County

Your View

Editor, I believe the public would be surprised at the high number of hours that Dave spends away from his family’s store working on Marshall County business. Supervisors come and go, and Dave has been a trusted advocate for Marshall County for many years. Vote Dave Thompson for County ...

Stronger partnerships are welcomed and needed


In serving our community, it is the communication of our needs and our commitment to the teamwork required to spur on change that moves us beyond complacency and gets the job done. Downstream from over half a decade of natural disasters and a global pandemic, leaders from all walks of life ...

Vote Thompson for supervisor

Your View

I am Bill Patten and have been a Marshall County Supervisor since 2014. I am writing this letter to support David Thompson for Marshall County Supervisor. I have worked with David Thompson for nearly eight years and have found him to be very truthful and very knowledgeable. David’s ...

Pumping up prices


In 1980, because I was an idealistic conservative eager to do my bit for democracy, I volunteered for my local Republican Party as a poll watcher. When polls closed, election officials asked us to gather around as they opened the backs of the machines one by one and tallied the votes. We could ...

Supreme Court in need of reform


Virtually all Americans are in a tizzy about the forthcoming Roe v. Wade ruling — drafted by Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito — that was leaked to the public. Pro-birth advocates, comprised mostly of Republicans, are hopeful abortion rights will be overturned while most supporters of the ...