Our debt crisis threatens our economic security


Our nation is more than $31.4 trillion in debt. It is a figure so daunting that it seems almost insurmountable to resolve. To put this number into perspective, every American taxpayer — already facing record-high inflation, skyrocketing interest rates, and economic instability — is on the ...

Honor the patriots


Today and throughout the weekend, all across our state, Iowans will come together to place small American flags in the grass along memorial sites and roadways to honor our fallen military heroes. Patriots. It’s slow work—a minor sacrifice of time and comfort in recognition of the massive ...

Shining a light on mental health


The month of May has been traditionally known for Mental Health Awareness. We come together as organizations, individuals and communities to raise collective consciousness to shed light on the importance of “brain health” and wellness. In a world that often overlooks or stigmatizes mental ...

Schools Tour at Old Threshers


Rich Seberg attended the first Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant in 1950. He was born in July of that year and his mother took him in a basket and stowed the basket under a table. He fussed some so people knew he was there. Tours of the Log Village have been going on for 50 years, since ...

Hypocrisy of pro-lifers being anti-LGBTQIA


The prefix “pro-“ means to support a cause. The noun “life” is defined as an organism composed of cells that can grow, learn and respond to stimuli preceding death. It stands to reason that a pro-lifer is a radical proponent that from cell development until death — everyone — is ...