What does a county supervisor really do?


In my four and a half years of being a Marshall County supervisor, I am finding the public has some confusion as to what my role and responsibilities are in county government. The journey starts with the election process of winning the primary in June prior to the November election. Marshall ...

Wonderful reunion for runners

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Run Bobcats, run! The recent Bobcat Cross Country Reunion was memorable for all who attended, as well as who responded via the internet and phone. Special thanks to my family and to the cross country family. Jarret Heil, Grant Shadden, Tim Warden and Eric Eggers were great in making this ...

Child sexual abuse is preventable


Recent events in Marshalltown, Ames and Oskaloosa have again brought child sexual abuse into the spotlight. Our hearts break for the children directly impacted in each of these cases, and the impact on their families, peers, schools, and communities. There is hope. What happened in these ...

What is Reynolds hiding?

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How come Iowa can’t have a governor like Alabama’s Governor Ivey — one who says it like it is? “Folks are supposed to have common sense. It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks.” Instead, Gov. Kim Reynolds is scapegoating the asylum seekers ...

Our empathetic Authoritarians


America has a crisis of empathy. That crisis isn’t expressed as lack of charitable giving: Americans give approximately seven times what Europeans do to charity per capita. And it isn’t expressed as an unwillingness to spend on a governmental level: The United States currently spends more ...

Strange summer


Icouldn’t believe it. I’d been watching some young “punkins” growing on the vine in our garden. They started out as a bloom, and then matured into tiny pumpkins. I was looking forward to an orange, happy fall. Then one morning I checked on the baby pumpkins, and they had fallen ...