The wall


George A. Haven, of Chatfield, Minnesota was a different sort of man, not odd, but well educated, and a fellow who townsfolk might say, “walks his own path.” He was president of the Root River State Bank, a contributor to the Root River Trail, and liked to travel—world travel. And in ...

Don’t forget to vote

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We are all bearing witness to the new laws limiting access to voting options, to the ongoing practice of gerrymandering manipulating our electoral districts, and to the endless allegations of fraudulent elections. These events affect us all, and it is easy to become discouraged about the act of ...

Endorsing school board candidate Becky Kouang

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Becky Kouang has been a strong child advocate for the 20 years I have known her. She has educated her children in the Marshalltown Public schools. Becky and her family have deep roots in Marshalltown, and she has been a leader in providing quality in-home child care combined with Early ...

National School Bus Safety Week offers important reminder


Big, yellow school buses are again a common sight on weekday mornings and afternoons in Marshalltown with the school year in full swing. National School Bus Safety Week, running from Oct. 18-22, offers a great opportunity for everyone to brush up on their school bus safety knowledge. The 2021 ...

Power of the Purse event a big success

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The Marshalltown Area United Way’s Power of the Purse Committee, Karen Bursely, Kelli Thurston, Cherra Meloy, Erin Krough, Kim Yates, Linda Von Holten, Kendra Sorensen, Deb Imsland, and Liv Callaway, would like to send out a huge thank you — we are so humbled by the gratitude shown at this ...

Don’t let idiots ruin the economy


If your child needed an appendectomy, would you let President Joe Biden do the surgery? The answer, unless you’re depraved or some tragedy has rendered you incapable of rational thought, is obvious: “No.” Why? Because he’s not qualified. Let me point out something else that should ...