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Senators Grassley and Ernst were among seven Republican Senators who sent a letter to the White House asking President Biden to repeal tariffs and other trade barriers that Trump implemented during his time in office affecting a wide range of industries, including agriculture, carmakers and ...

Stop surrendering education to the Radical Left


This Independence Day, a poll from Issues & Insights revealed that only 36% of adults aged 18-24 said they were “proud to be American,” compared with 86% of those over the age of 65. This shouldn’t be surprising. America’s children have been raised in a system dedicated to the ...

World premier play in Mt. Pleasant


No fooling. A world premier play is going to be performed in Mt. Pleasant and I have a bit part in it. It’s from a C.S. Lewis short story, “The Man Born Blind,” that wasn’t discovered until after Lewis’ death. The script is the brain child of Alyn D’Blay, entitled, “Born ...