When is enough enough?


When is enough enough? From four states away, I ponder this question as friends and acquaintances continue to contact me about the recent announcement of layoffs at the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH). It has been nearly two years since my official service to IVH came to an end, but my affection for ...

In response to Rep. Feenstra

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I am responding to Senator Randy Feenstra’s article that appeared on the editorial page of the Times Republican newspaper, “Giving Our Troops the Resources They Deserve.” Ever since World War II we have had one war, one right after the other. We have a record amount of over 800 billion ...

Your sins will find you out


Years ago, a dear friend who worked for former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld invited me to join the two of them at a photography exhibit. The Secretary needed some assistance, having had shoulder surgery. He was loathe to have a lady carry his briefcase. It became my job. We walked ...

My trip to Israel


Last month, I traveled to Israel to meet with government officials about the ongoing war. We walked the Kibbutzes where innocent Israelis were murdered, raped, beheaded, and tortured by Hamas terrorists and learned more of the horrifying details about the worst attack on Jews since the ...

Red, white and blue thank yous


Marshalltown is Iowa’s largest hometown. We are big enough to do anything, yet small enough that we collaborate on everything. Never has that been truer than with the 1st annual “Red, White & Blue Celebration.” Marshalltown has long had a committed fireworks committee who have ...

Perspectives on the 4th Ward council race

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Two candidates have stepped forward to run for the open 4th Ward seat. This time the council chose election rather than appointment to fill the vacancy as in the past (overturned by petitions). Each has presented background, education, experience, and focus on carrying on the service and ...