Your view — Debbie Marcaccini

Your View

Over a decade ago, I donated to the Marshalltown Foundation for the Caregiver’s Statue in front of the hospital. I was informed recently the statue was being moved to the new hospital. However, they will not be moving the memorial bricks around the statue. I purchased two bricks in memory of ...

Recapping the fiscal year


The end of June and beginning of July is always an exciting and busy time around the city of Marshalltown! Another fiscal year is ending and a new one beginning, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we have been in fiscal year 2022 and where we will be in fiscal year 2023. For ...

When God calls to us

Your View

As I was walking down Main Street, someone called to me. I know they wanted me immediately, because they used my full name. I turned toward the people but did not recognize who they were. I went into super-analyzing mode so I wouldn’t appear completely blank. In the past, I had known them ...

The conversation about guns could be smarter


The debate over gun restrictions bothers me for two seemingly contradictory reasons. One is that little has been done to ban mass killing machines outright. A bipartisan proposal in the Senate would at least limit access by the mentally ill. What it wouldn’t do is prevent the ...

The death of the elite ‘center’


The false center cannot hold. In France, President Emmanuel Macron has now lost his majority in the National Assembly; his party holds 245 seats in the lower house, but the Right holds 150 and the Left 131. In Colombia, former M-19 guerrilla and Marxist Gustavo Petro has now become the ...

Follow the science on abortion

Your View

“Follow the science” has become a popular cultural mantra, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Certainly, this is an important principle (among several) for helping us to understand, and to respond to, various issues facing us either in our personal lives or as a society. As ...