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Ginnie and I went to Yellowstone again this year for vacation. Last year we were there and saw actual wolves in the wild feeding on a bison carcass. Not only that, but we were treated to an impromptu, outdoor lecture by famed wolf whisperer and author, Rick McIntyre. So, when planning for our ...

Distracted driving kills

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Monday morning, July 25, shortly before 7 a.m., my wife and I were walking eastbound on West Main Street near the entrance to the Apple Berry Farm on our way to the bike path. We were walking facing traffic in the designated bike/pedestrian lane to see oncoming traffic. As a black SUV ...

Pols hide behind charities to welcome illegals


If you’re a taxpayer in New York, or anywhere in the U.S., you’re getting scammed by groups like United Way, Catholic Charities and the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN). You may think they’re charities. Truth is, these groups are hauling in millions in taxpayer dollars — your ...

UnityPoint Health not willing to be transparent

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Over the last three weeks, I’ve reached out five times to UnityPoint regarding the Care Givers statue at the hospital. The decision was made not to move the memorial bricks with the statue. They have responded several times but have not answered any of my questions. Why was this decision ...

Trees can help beat the heat


Sitting in the AC, I look out the window and smile as dogs being walked collapse under the shade of my Norway maple. And who could blame them? Would any of us want to be out in this harsh heat wearing a fur coat? This has been one of the few times I’ve given thanks I’m not in Paris. ...

We’re burning up

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Record heat waves in America and Europe endanger millions, as wildfires rage, in a brutal manifestation of man-induced global warming. Each of us can reduce our personal contribution by cutting back on consumption of animal foods, which account for a whopping portion of “greenhouse ...