A retired meteorologist’s reflection on a storm he won’t forget


For my first professional journalism job out of college, I landed the news editor role at my hometown newspaper, the Times-Republican in Marshalltown. On my ninth day, as I turned onto Main Street, I could see the soft morning sun shining on the courthouse’s spire above the trees. It was ...

Six years later


At the 6-year post-tornado point, we have to be more than 60 percent toward the 10-year watermark that sees cities brag about their new and greatly improved downtown. Take Cedar Rapids for example. At a recent bench-bar conference there, we enjoyed the verve downtown and at the Czech Village. ...

The ‘D’ stands for ‘dumb’ in Drake battle with DMACC


Two Des Moines institutions of higher learning are working hard to make the letter “D” stand for “dumb.” Drake University, my two-time alma mater, is suing Des Moines Area Community College over the use of the letter “D” as a brand. DMACC rebranded itself last year and started ...

What we must learn from Trump shooting


We now have, as we would expect, a tsunami of commentary regarding the horrible assassination attempt on Donald Trump. It is not trivial to observe that at least the good news is that just about everyone agrees what happened is very bad and not an encouraging sign about the state of our ...

Biden’s economy is superior in just about every way


In overseeing the American economy, President Joe Biden has shown himself to be an amazing manager. It’s all there in the numbers, especially when placed next to those of his predecessor. And should Biden win a second term and show himself to be not as sharp as he was four years ago, small ...

When is enough enough?


When is enough enough? From four states away, I ponder this question as friends and acquaintances continue to contact me about the recent announcement of layoffs at the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH). It has been nearly two years since my official service to IVH came to an end, but my affection for ...