This old House has been torn down


I remember clearly the first day I went to the Capital to become a member of Congress. I purposely walked up the front steps and was greeted by a guard, who opened the door and said, “Good morning, Congressman.” What a sense of satisfaction to have finally arrived. But then I walked ...

When life begins!

Your View

Across the table sat a frail, bleached-out woman. She was unable to speak or think, looking 90 years old, instead of her 47 years. She wasn’t able to respond to any questions, she was devoid of any recognition of her surroundings. God, how did she come to this? How could she do this to ...

License change won’t protect Iowa consumers


The rationale behind Iowa’s professional licensing laws is simple: People in certain professions and skilled occupations are required to hold state licenses to work in Iowa. This is to ensure they meet the minimum standard of training and skill necessary to serve consumers safely and ...

City council members’ priorities are so wrong

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TIF (Tax Increment Financing) has by far caused our street and infrastructure destruction in many parts of town, and TIF needs to end. And the new monetary windfall from Marshalltown’s controversial speed cameras is providing proof that city council members as a whole have their priorities so ...

Using my voice to advocate for Iowa agriculture in the Farm Bill


The Farm Bill reauthorization remains a major topic of conversation back home in Iowa and on Capitol Hill. I have been clear with my colleagues – on both sides of the aisle – that we need to get the Farm Bill written, passed, and signed into law as quickly as possible. From foreign animal ...