Jimmy Carter is redeemed


Looking back on the contradictory pronunciamentos uttered by President Joe Biden so solemnly over the last few months on the subject of Afghanistan, what has struck me is how inane they show him to be. When he was affirming that everything in Kabul, Afghanistan, was hunky-dory or when he was ...

Reality and common sense come into question


Evidence is replete many Iowans, including Republicans, are embarrassed about Gov. Kim Reynolds’ statement that the CDC face mask guidance was not grounded in reality and common sense. If reality and common sense are her benchmarks, let’s explore that further. First off there’s Ms. ...

Biden’s Afghanistan disaster didn’t have to happen


In the first two weeks of August, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan became a humiliating rout. Make no mistake, the U.S. has suffered a major diplomatic and psychological defeat that will have resonance throughout the world. Understand that I think that since 9/11, America’s essential ...

Trust us, we’re only spying on you


Tick-tick-tick ... Big Tech’s clock continues to move around and around nonstop to enhance corporate power and profits, but each sweep of its hands also captures more of our own privacy, labor and other civil rights. At first, each new surge of artificial intelligence and robotic ...

Where’s the parental choice for fully masked classrooms?


Gov. Kim Reynolds likes to talk about respecting Iowans’ choices, especially when it comes to schools. The concept was the driving force behind much of her education agenda this year. She did provide more choices for parents this year, including measures to force all districts to offer 100% ...

Critical thinking needed


For the past year and a half, we’ve been told repeatedly to rely on science. First, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health told us not to wear masks; only those in medical settings needed them. Fauci then said we should wear masks. Then people were seen sporting several masks. ...