Richard Pendroy, Vietnam Veteran


Soft music plays constantly in Rich and Pat Pendroy’s home in Monroe, and in his man cave, which is in the rear of the garage that they converted to a workshop. Rich doesn’t say it, but the soft music helps calm his nerves that are frazzled from the explosions and gunfire he went through in ...

How you can help veterans every day


As the nation celebrates our 17 million living veterans, it is also important to know that the number of these heroes who are ending their own lives prematurely is rising. In the general population, suicide is the 10th most common cause of death, but among veterans with PTSD, it’s fourth. ...

Bring faith and belief into your lives

Your View

Given on a Chicago street corner in 1934 by Charles Albin: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, urging us to call family and friends to our table. Jeremiah had this task of speaking to a nation of longtime-sinners. They would rather do harmful things to others than to do good for anyone. ...

It’s the temperament talking


When it comes to comparing my children’s temperaments, my son is the easy-going child and my daughter the slow-to-warm child. Typically present at birth, a child’s temperament helps understand how they approach or react to the world around them. Temperament ...

No longer the Democratic party of JFK


In this current era of no compulsory military service, Veterans Day takes on personal meaning to fewer and fewer Americans. When the country transitioned to a voluntary military in 1973, about 1 percent of the population served on active duty. Today, it is less than one-half of 1 ...

Focusing on well-being to decrease stress


We are all doing our best to navigate living in the midst of a pandemic. We are being pulled in many directions, not always knowing where we are going, why we are going there, and once there, realizing that we are expected to be everything to everyone. Can you relate? This is overwhelming and ...