Sorry Donald Trump, but I’m telling it like it is

Trump supporters like him because “he says it like it is.” Well, I’m going to tell it like it is.

I believe that Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothes and a Judas goat. I believe Trump is a pathological liar, a sociopath, and a dangerous bigoted demagogue who sows hate, fear, and distrust. Trump bashes women, humans with disabilities, and immigrants. He tries to drive a wedge between Christians and Muslims.

Trump exhibits a police state mentality by censoring the press at his political rallies, threatens violence against dissenters, and wants to jail his opponents which are indicative of past despots like the deceased dictator, Pinochet of Chile. Trump exposes his narcissism when he claims he knows more than the generals and that he could shoot someone and nothing would happen. He says he “loves war,” and loves the A bomb. It’s obvious he’s never been in a fox hole and is oblivious to the term “nuclear winter.” He supports the spread of nuclear weapons and acts like a spoiled child who doesn’t understand how reckless he sounds.

Trump appears to suffer from a persecution complex, because when confronted by his falsehood, Trump paces the floor like a caged animal and howls “rigged.” I can’t imagine Trump sitting in a room with foreign diplomats, because it appears he has the attention span of a child and will not listen to advisors.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I now support Hillary. She is smart, well-read and has experience. If the citizenry can forgive Bush and Cheney for their historic blunder invading Iraq, causing the slaughter of innocent Iraqi people, torture chambers, massive destruction of Iraqi property, needless deaths of our own soldiers, and the loss of between 2 and 3 trillion U.S. dollars waging the war, then I can forgive Hillary of her stupid handling of her emails.

I learned a long time ago that if a person wants change, you don’t whine like Trump supporters and threaten violence against the government and public officials if things don’t go your way.

Over the years, I’ve joined with democratic forces and individuals around the country. And with patience and hard work fighting together, we achieved justice. It is for certain you don’t achieve justice and greatness by building walls.

Well, I feel refreshed now because I told it like it is.