Trump poking a stick at a hornet’s nest

All throughout history the world has encountered numerous country’s leaders who tried to take on the world or part of it. In most cases other countries underestimated their maniacal resolve to their own nation’s detriment. Some dictators were stupidly narcissistic like Trump, some were brutal and evil, while others were intelligent, cunning and purposeful. Their common trait was lacking conscience and being sociopaths. Trump views escalating war with North Korea as a game with fireworks at the end.

In Trump’s case it is like pushing a stick into a hornet’s nest and then standing around to see what happens. “The mother of all bombs” is his stick. A Japanese admiral characterized the U.S. just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor as, “awaking a sleeping giant.” Prodding a leader like Kim Jong-un in North Korea is similar.

Unfortunately Seoul is only about 25 miles from the DMZ where 11 million people live. The surrounding area boasts a combined population of around 50 million people. While Trump is poking the stick, Seoul, 50 million South Koreans, and 30,000 American troops are the unfortunate recipients of the outcome. Meanwhile Trump will sit calmly eating chocolate cake at Mar-a-lago while smiling at his greatness.