A call to action

Trump is president. That’s a fact. Republicans say, “Cut him some slack. He’s a businessman not a politician.” They’re willing to let him malign NATO, Qatar and our most supportive allies. They keep silent when he allows/causes his family fortune to increase. They remain passive when he fires the FBI Director to stop the Russia investigation.

Trump’s budget proposal cuts $800 billion from Medicaid and additional billions for programs that help the poor and needy as well as massive cuts for medical research, education, and the environment. If you think that’s calloused, consider that he would turn around and give massive tax breaks for the richest.

Trump/Republicans are determined to get their hands on the tax money that supports Obamacare. By repealing Obamacare, billionaires would divvy up $600 billion while you and I receive less than zilch because the Republican replacement plan eliminates the 10 basic benefits of health care required by Obamacare (pre-existing conditions, etc.) and allows policies covering none of the basic benefits to be sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Trump will soon introduce specifics about his infrastructure plan. Beware! It will likely include considerable funding of needed projects by private investors. Those private investors will want a return on their investment — voila, TOLL ROADS/TOLL BRIDGES!

Grassley, Ernst, Blum and King continue to be silent and passive in their support of Trump and the above plans. All four refuse to hold town hall meetings in Marshalltown and Ames because they know what they would hear (Editor’s note, Blum held a town hall meeting in Marshalltown on May 11).

When will Republicans have had enough and speak truth to power rather than purely party talking points? Call Grassley, Ernst, Blum, King, Trump and Reynolds and let them know on a regular basis what you think about the budget proposal, the Republican Health Care Plan, the Russian investigation, etc. Let them hear us loud and clear.