How did $600K in IRS fines happen?

I have been waiting to follow other taxpayers on the audit of Marshalltown Schools on error of payroll taxes, but I haven’t read any more on the penalties the IRS imposed for payroll taxes not paid in a timely manner. How could this happen over that long and no one noticed? This person was hired as qualified?

Did the hiring check the background? Does this payroll expert get away with no penalty or payback on these errors? I have many questions of the results leading to taxpayers paying the bill of over $600,000. I would think the school would have an insurance policy on errors by employees. Aren’t there others to check that doesn’t happen?

My husband and I started our business in 1970. We added employees in 1973. I have done payroll and the required reports until I retired in 2012. Deposits of funds are required to be timely. You don’t mess up or the penalty is stiff. As the audit and IRS showed, that large amount should not have been missed. Was this position only one person? Weren’t there others in the payroll department? I am very disappointed with our school board members even to state taxpayers will cover this loss. Are there other people in each department to check on what is or isn’t done right?