Daily Record, Dec. 27, 2018

Marshall County Courthouse

Court — Wednesday

• Logan Andrew Calkins made an initial appearance on a warrant charging him with pre-trial release violations, a possession of marijuana-first offense charge and an interference with official acts charge. The public defender’s office will continue as counsel and has been appointed on the new charges. The preliminary hearing on the new charges is set at 1 p.m. on Jan. 4. Bond is set at $300 cash or surety. Pre-trial release was revoked and a bond of $25,000 cash or surety was reinstated. Calkins will have 60 days to obtain a substance abuse evaluation and submit it to the court.

• Jermaine Archie Oden, of Le Grand, made an initial appearance on a reckless driving charge, an eluding charge, an interference with official acts charge, a speeding charge, a dark windows violation charge and a failure to obey a traffic control device charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. on Jan. 4. Oden is released on these charges with supervision through the Department of Correctional Services and is to report to the adult probation office by 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 28 to sign a pre-trial release agreement.

• Kevin Nunez Mancera made an initial appearance on a disorderly conduct charge. Nunez Mancera pleaded guilty and the fine is $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $147.75, due within 30 days.

• Dawn Elizabeth Steenhoek made an initial appearance through counsel, Roger Owens, on a possession of a controlled substance charge. The preliminary hearing was waived by counsel.


• Kenna Krier to Blayne Koster

• Justin Manternach to Donna McPherren

• Mi Meh to Doe Reh

• Abigail Stone to Michael Dalgam

Property Transfers

Dec. 21

• Thomas W. Switzer to LS & MM Holdings LLC, 314 N. 14th Ave.

• Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, 104 E. Fourth St., St. Anthony

• Ellen E. Hazen to Weatherly Properties Inc., 207 N. First St.

• Bluffwood Partners LLC and ILS LLC to Corrine Fisher and Marie Morgan, 606 Union St.

• Evan L. Pageler and Janice E. Pageler Revocable Living Trust, Evan L. Pageler Trustee and Janice E. Pageler Trustee to Jennie L. and Nouralla A. Salman, 1111 S. First St.

• Judith A. and Philip A. Lander to Jennie L. and Nouralla Salman, 1111 S. First St.

• James C. Trowbridge Estate to Vincene Ridout, 3002B Oaks Ave., Haverhill

• The Estate of Eugene E. Damman to Edwin J. Damman, Steven E. Damman and Kathleen L. Large, 407 Third St., Melbourne

• Ardis A. Benson Revocable Trust, Deborah D. Ashby Trustee, Randy R. Benson Trustee to Brent N. and Cassandra Sawyer, 3247 290th St., Gilman

• Roger E. Harrison Trust, David J. Harrison Trustee and Pamela Harrison Chambers Trustee to Highland Hills Farm LLC, 805-817 Highland Acres Road

• Chantel R. and Zachariah J. Faught to Dwanna K. and Randy L. Gale, 405 Edgeland Drive

• Alberto and Maritza Parra, Gregorio and Maritza Torres to Ramon Gomez Jaimes, 2144P Marsh Ave.


Police Department


• On Tuesday, a car driven by Jo Ellen Bergman, 61, of Union, was southbound on South Center Street when it drove over a large rock in the roadway causing disabling damage to the transmission. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Bergman car was estimated at $2,500.

• On Tuesday, a vehicle driven by a 15-year-old female, being given a driving lesson in the Marshalltown Community College baseball fields parking lot, had completed a three-point turn and thinking it was in drive she pushed on the gas and backed into the fence. No injuries were reported. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $3,000 while the fence received an estimated $1,000 in damage.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Monday, two cases of criminal mischief with damage to property was reported to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.


• On Monday, Nicholas Doro, 25, was arrested for operating while under the influence-first offense and driving on the wrong side of a two-way highway.

• On Monday, Joshua Frederick, 33, was arrested on a warrant charging him with stalking.


• On Dec. 19, a pickup driven by Cody Charles James Johnson, 22, of Ogden, was northbound on Hart Avenue and stopped at the intersection with Highway 330. Johnson, not seeing oncoming traffic, proceeded forward into the path of a car driven by Joseph Philip Leichty, 28, of Des Moines, resulting in a collision that left both vehicles severely damaged. Johnson and Leichty were transported to UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown with injuries. Johnson was cited for failure to yield upon entering a through highway. Damage to the Johnson pickup was estimated at $15,000 while the Leichty car received an estimated $20,000 in damage.

Grundy County Sheriff


• On Dec. 19, Ronald Findlay, 48, of Conrad, was arrested in Conrad and charged with public intoxication. Findlay was released on his promise to appear.

• On Dec. 20, Joseph Hindman, 45, of Grundy Center, was arrested at the Sheriff’s Office and charged with two counts on indecent contact with a child and one count of child endangerment. Hindman was released on pre-trial release.


• On Dec. 14, a car driven by Daniel Burke, 24, of Ames, was westbound on 130th Street going too fast as he approached the northbound curve of D Avenue. Burke was unable to negotiate the curve, launched off the shoulder westbound into a field going airborne over the ditch, a utility box and a fence hitting the ground approximately 30 feet into the field and then traveled another .8 of a mile attempting to get out. No injuries were reported. Burke was cited for failure to maintain control and operating a non-registered vehicle. Damage to the Burke car was estimated at $9,000.