Daily Record, Feb. 22, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Feb. 20

• Cody B. Johnson and Marshall County Sheriff to Greenstate Credit Union, 1802 Edgebrook Drive

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jose Manuel Ibarra Perez and Ana Lilia Madrigal Vazquez, 907 S. 11th Ave.

• Alyxandria Gatewood to Phillip Gatewood, 227 N. Marietta St., Rhodes

• Brian L. Sowers to Miguel Angel Hernandez, 210 W. South St.

Feb. 19

• Connie L. Snyder to Michelle and Thomas J. Snyder, 1610 Laurel Drive

• Emily Ann Lyle, Cody and Emily Ann Prusha to Autumn L. Beland, 2547 315th St., Haverhill

• Christopher A. and Crystle L. Thompson to Andrew Lee and Courtney Sisson, 2713 Fairman Ave., State Center

Feb. 18

• Patricia J. Cavanah to Patricia Cavanah Trust, 1751 Hopkins Ave., Clemons

• Donald J. and Kathleen E. Thomason to Matthew Coughenour and Trever Coughenour, 1161A 307th St., Rhodes

• Parkinson Farms Co. to Kaleb Daniel and Taylor Kay Appelgate, 1364 Oaks Ave.

Feb. 14

• Michael S. Heng and Michelle Seran to Paw Loo and We Mee, 1907 Edgebrook Drive

• Deb and Leo Lang and Jeff and Sheena Parks to Keith Chandler, 307 1/2 N. Eighth St.

• Steven C. Finch, Robert D. Hessenius and Isle of Green to Isle of Green Inc., 2002 E. Church St.

• Aaron Noel Mundo Mendoza and Gladys Mundo to Gladys Mundo, 2022 Skyline Drive

• Erica and Eric C. Nilius to Jose Arroyo Herrera and Amanda L. Martin, 306 Carson Drive

• Katie J. and Patrick E. Moore to Shawn Allison, 907 Arlington Drive

• Marshall County Sheriff, State of Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit, Heather L. and Robert Earl Thompson to New Penn Financial LLC, Newrez LLC Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, 12 S. Fifth Ave.

• Capital One Bank, State of Iowa, Allison Kay and Kyle Alan Shaw to US Bank, 207 S. Eighth St.

• Shane Brian Anderson, Capital One Bank, Marshall County Sheriff to Idaho Housing & Finance Association, 108 S. 11th St.

Feb. 13

• Deborah Reece, Deborah Rieks to Dean L. Rieks, 12 N. 10th St. and 412 S. Third St.

Marshalltown Police Department


• On Thursday, a robbery with a dangerous weapon was reported in the 600 block of North Third Avenue.


• On Friday, Jesus Pina, 38, was arrested for no proof of vaccination and dogs at large.

• On Thursday, Erin Slinker, 45, was arrested for harassment-first degree.

• On Thursday, Crystal Cooper, 43, was arrested for harassment-first degree.

• On Thursday, Erick Barajas, 25, was arrested for no insurance, speeding and open container.

• On Wednesday, Skoky Strohm, 28, was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Ross Pentz, 29, was arrested for assault causing bodily injury.

• On Wednesday, Derek Edwards, 24, was arrested for theft-fifth degree-shoplifting.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Wednesday, a theft of a motor vehicle was reported in Marshall County.


• On Thursday, Marco Venegas, 40, was arrested for violation of probation.

• On Wednesday, Courtney Renae Cooper, 28, was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Levi Dylan Gihring, 23, was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Joshua Thomas Ostdahl, 27, was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Tanya Eileen Perry, 34, was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Nicholas Adam Weatherly, 34, was arrested for contempt of court/failure to pay amounts set by District/District Associate Court.


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