Daily Record, March 20, 2020

Marshalltown Police Department


• A case of shoplifting was reported in the 900 block of East Main Street.


• On Wednesday, Blaze Krough, 20, was arrested on two warrants.

• On Wednesday, Gabrielle Taft, 27, was arrested on two counts of an accessory to a felony after the fact.

Property Transfers

March 13

• Linda Arnolds, Iowa Attorney General, Kim Alan Karns, Marshall County Attorney, Marshall County Treasurer, City of St. Anthony to Maquoketa Capital LLC, 405 Bryant St., St. Anthony

• Main Street Real Estate Inc. to Deim Holdings LLC, 5 N. Second Ave., 202 E. Main St. and 210 E. Main St.

• Judith F. Johnson Guardianship and Conservatorship to Edwin Dane and Jennifer Ann Pelfrey, 112 Virginia Circle, Rhodes

• John C. Johnson Jr. and Joyce Johnson to William G. Johnson, 308 Wallace St., Green Mountain

• Joseph D. Snider to Savannah Slocum and Brandon White, 201 and 201B Wallace St.

• David M. Cox to David M. Cox and John Wolf, 2155 Yates Ave.

• Dwight E. Lawson to Dwight E. Lawson and Christopher McKee, 3309 Sanford Ave., Laurel

March 16

• IPE1031 REV287 LLC to Prairie Home Properties LLC, 1256 180th St., State Center

• The Estate of Clara R. Barker to Jasmine Judge, 1313 E. Nevada St.

• Hector Salvador Angel Ramos to Farmers Savings Bank, 807 N. Fourth Ave.

• M. James and Mary Jo Maxted to Danny and Marsha Quigley, 501 Springfield Drive

• Wright Jasper Development III LLC to Orton Homes LLC, 401 N. Vine St., Le Grand

March 17

• Willliam H. Edens Revocable Living Trust, William H. Edens Trustee to Jeffrey A. Miller and Janine M. Veren Miller, 105 Diamond Grove Circle, Rhodes

• Adam J. and Katie Vogeler to Trent Hanke and Nicole Nielsen, 203 E. First St., Haverhill

• Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Debbie L. and Michael T. Schmidt, 407 N. 15th Ave.