Daily Record, Aug. 14, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse

Court — Thursday

• Guyan Michael Garrett Lucas made an initial appearance on a probation violation charge and a theft-third degree charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The probation revocation hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Aug. 24. The preliminary hearing on the theft charge is at 1 p.m. on Aug. 20.

• Joshua Allen Bachman made an initial appearance on a harassment charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Aug. 20. A no-contact order has been issued for the protected party.

• Gerald Richard Vannoller made an initial appearance on a theft-fifth degree charge. Vannoller pleaded guilty and the fine is $105 with a $15.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $180.75, due within 30 days.

• Jose De Jesus Medina Cervantes made an initial appearance on two counts of possession of a controlled substance charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Aug. 20. A substance abuse evaluation is ordered with the results submitted to the court within 60 days. Bond is set at $1,000 cash or surety.


• Michael Patterson to Hayley Linderman

• Angelina Prusha to Joshua Adkins

• Luis Jimenez Govea to Iridian Martinez Marroquin

• Samantha Kopsa to Cole Webber

• Jessica Dirks to Stephen Vassalotti

• Morgan Twyford to Andrew Barber

• Shelly Sonderleiter to Richard Clough

Property Transfers

July 31

• Justine N. Long to Jennifer D. and Trevor J. MacDuff and Connie and Gary Oleson, 111 N. 22nd St.

• Patricia K. Waltemeyer to State Center Development Association, 207 Second Ave. SE, State Center

• Nora G. and Scott A. Byers to Gabriela and Joshua L. Wheaton, 410 N. Ninth St.

• Oak Tree Properties LLC to Jaime and Juana Oliveros Alcantar, 3004 Twinkle Hill Road

• D. Marlene and M. Nile Hall to Paul E. Edler, 309 Third St. SE, State Center

• Stacy Johnston Fowler, Barry Johnston and Sonya Johnston to Julia M. and Tyler D. Green, 801 Highland Acres Road

July 30

• James R. and Tamara J. Flora to Kaylee and Tyler Peschong, 3210 Lily Lane

• Duane D. and Karen D. Vesser to Jennifer Arce and Juan Antonio Gutierrez Sr., 503 Brentwood Road

• The Estate of Karen C. Weiny to Esaul Davila, Ricardo Lizarde Ibarra and Maria De Los Angeles Rojas Figueroa, 209 N. Second Ave.

• Norma M. Davis Trust, Norma D. Trustee to Luis Manuel Jimenez Govea and Iridian Martinez Marroquin, 1001 S. 11th Ave.

July 29

• Cathy S. and Jon E. Dunham to Ricardo Chavarria Sanchez and Aracely Chavarria, 402 Thomas Drive

• John R. and Sherrill A. Webb to Danielle and Jacob Brannen, 405 McCormick Ave., Rhodes

• Carolyn F. and Michael R. Lovelace to Lovelace Family Trust Carolyn F. Lovelace Trustee, Michael R. Lovelace Trustee, 8 N. 12th Ave.

• Bradley and Tani Lane to Bradley and Tani Lane, 2462 Smith Ave.

• Melanie A. and Roger K. Hatch to Tiffany Lynn Gummert, 10 Lackey Terrace

July 28

• Lorraine A. and Richard L. DeVenney to Ko and Ma Sein Tun, 1 Palmer St.

• Staci J. and Tristan V. Switzer to Kevin and Rita Heiserman, 406 Maple St., Clemons

• Donn J. Gould to Kyle J. and Megan A. Toyne, 2658B Reed Ave.

• Joyce Lee Hemminger to David Lewis Hemminger Jr., 3291 220th St.

• William R. Tiernan Jr. and Eliziane Tiernan to William R. Tiernan Jr. and Eliziane Tiernan, 703 Turner St.

• Scott P. Stalzer to Jason M. and Katilyn M. Barnes, 301 N. 15th St.

• Tyler J. Casady to Stephanie and Tanner Hunt, 2415 Parker Ave.

July 27

• J.M. Pfantz Revocable Trust, Joan M. Pfantz Trustee to Cristi and Joel Pfantz, 1639 330th St.

• Curtis A. and Linda Kaye Hoff to Tyler J. Casady, 705 Joan Terrace

• Alyssa and Nathan P. VanBecelaere to Cathy S. and Jon E. Dunham, 2008 S. Fifth Ave.

• Dennis C. and Vicki L. Walker to Andrea Olson, 1913 S. Fourth Ave.

July 24

• Chris and Christopher McKee to Dwight E. Lawson, 3309 Sanford Ave., Laurel

• LSF11 Master Participation Trust, US Bank Trust, US Bank Trustee to Kasandra Lynn Bartelt, 512 W. South St.

• Diane W. Rhodes to Diane W. Rhodes Revocable Trust, Diane W. Rhodes Trustee, 402 W. Julian St., Le Grand

• Alberta Myers Life Estate, Alberta Myers to Rebecca S. Metz, Donald E. Myers Jr., David W. Myers, Michael J. Myers, William R. Myers and Dixie L. Stipanovich, 308 W. Linn St.

• Steve and Tracy Simbides to Debra and Michael Alman, 510 S. Fourth St.

July 23

• Lynda Delores Bateman Dow, Barbara S. Bateman and Lynda M. Dow to Janet Dreyer Johnson and Ken Lamar Johnson, 2402 S. Sixth St.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Thursday, a burglary of an unoccupied motor vehicle was reported in the town of Liscomb.

• On Friday, a theft of a motor vehicle was reported in the town of Rhodes


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