Daily Record, Aug. 8, 2020

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

July 1

• Debbie L. and Michael T. Schmidt to JDL Rentals Cooperative, 1203 W. Church St.

• Azenet and Chad Krukow to Roselle B. Lillo, Alexander K. Vajgrt, Victoria L. Vajgrt, 209 Marion St.

• Lee Ann and Stephen Gerads to KC and May Ann Miller, 318 Thomas Dr.

• Lori Kirschbaum to Michael J. Ficken and Lori Kirschbaum, 108 N. 15th St.

• Debora L. and James Herink to Bobbi J. and Robert E. Hills, 1005 Henry Dr.

• Larry J. and Marlene Kester to Lawrence W. and Shirley E. Mann, 2601 Leland Ct.

July 2

• Francisco and Melanie Marie Mendoza to America Dominquez Mendoza and Elisa Mendoza, 5 S. 8th St.

• Daniel Lee Bryant to Sandra Bryant, 102 N. Main St., Rhodes

• Derreza Perez and Jorge Educardo to Derreza Perez, 806 S. 9th Ave.

• LIF Enterprises LLC to Soraya Armas, 201 S. 4th St.

July 6

• Donald L. and Janice L. Plahn to Jacqueline S. and Terry L. Eisenbarth, 201 W. Ingledue

• David B. and Kim Karsjen to Nicholas Vaugn, 1201 W. State St.

July 7

• Geroge Chamberlan, Sr to Cheryl R. and Luke R. Mannetter, 1154 Canfield Ave, St. Anthony

• Joel P. and Wendy J. Lang to Madyson R. Feather and Adam J. Sodders, 221 Huisman Circle

• Anna and Daniel Oswald to Jason Wiley, 210 S. 15th Ave.

• Kris M. and Trevor Arganbright to Kyle J. Schaper, 502 2nd Ave. NE, State Center

July 8

• Boji Holdings, LLC to Angelica and Johnny Gonzales, 2911 Jackie Terrace

• Norma I. and Merlin H. Klaas to Merlin Klaas, 1104 295th St., State Center

• Marshalltown Industrial Park, Inc to Medsan, LLC, 201 E. Anson St.

• Richard M. Allen Jr to Rodrigo Gomez Baeza, 918 S. 11th Ave.

• Brenda Contreras to Alejandro Contreras, 505 Lee St.

July 9

• Deloris Balzer Estate to Mary Jane and Vick Dale Hale, 411 E. Ferner St.

• Janet and John Collison to KD Investments, LLC, 208 W. Main St.

• MSM Property, LLC to Deanna Arps, 703 Henry Dr.

• Lyle Strand Estate to Gregory L. Strand and Gencie J. White, 305 S. 8th St.

• Robert J. Backoff to Carmen L. and Fausto R. Hernandez, 509 N. Center St.

July 10

• Bluffwood Partners, LLC to Joseph C. and Kathryn A. Bryant, 615 Summit St.

• David A. And Jodi K. Reisetter to Cody L. and Emily M. Oliver, 2935 250th St.

• Chad Pinkston to Jackie Lura, 109 N. 19th St.

• Housing and Urban Development to Deirdre E. Gruendler, 409 Hughes St.

• Chad E. Pinkston to Christopher A. and Jessica A. Roush, 1408 S. 5th St.

• Stalzer Investment Corp to Dale F. Stalzer, 105 2nd Ave., Haverhill

July 13

• Ruth Ann Buck Estate to Donald A. Buck, 409 4th St. SW, State Center

• Larry Wescott Estate to Ruth Ann Wescott, 3385 110th St., Beaman

• Darin L. and Jaclyn T. Vaughn to Segio Anguiano and Nancy Gutierrez Andrade, 1513 Greenfield Dr.

• Robert Wuchterl to Krista M. Grant and Brandon L. Lewis, 13 Edgeland Dr.

• Kaylene A. and Todd Jennings to Darin L. and Jacyln T. Vaughn, 210 2nd Ave., Melbourne

• Bobbie J. and Robert E. Hills to Jose Aguilera, 611 N. 1st Ave.

July 14

• Carl W., Denise A. and Kevin M. Rankin to Carl W, anbd Denise A. Rankin, 606 Main St., Melbourne

• Jason B. Jorgensen to Kenneth E. Miller III, 3035 120th St., Beaman

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Becaa E. Dau Schmidt, 1212 Main St.

• Raul Martinez Avalos and Teresa Rodriguez De Avalos to Jose Martinez Avalos and Carolina Rairez Urbina, 217 E. Anson St.


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