Kudos to the Iowa Veterans Home

I had COVID-19 myself, and have been busy helping my family through this crazy time. I want to express to Commandant Timon Oujiri and the Iowa Veterans Home staff for being exemplary during this difficult year!

My dad, Arthur Bryant, is a resident on Third Malloy South. We know your staff is working with new directives to keep everyone safe. They have their own concerns regarding their health, and the health of their families.

Your staff has been caring, compassionate and professional. They have not projected any worries unto us but have worked hard to comfort our dad and us. You should be very proud of them. We appreciate how willing they have been to help us see our dad, and are working hard to comfort our dad. I am going to try to name names, but please believe me, your entire staff on Third Malloy South has gone above and beyond. I apologize to the staff I don’t name.

Your nursing staff — Jennie, Rachel, and Jessie — have kept us informed, and been a great resource for information for us. They have been extra kind and compassionate to our dad. They are patient and kind. I want to commend Tracy for spending concentrated time with Art. She has been gleaning wonderful memories from Art, and writing them to the family. I know Art has been so pleased to walk down memory lane with Tracy, and we treasure a written account of his early life.

We appreciate those who have accompanied our dad to visits. Because Art is very hard of hearing, and confused, they have to relay our conversations to him. We know it requires a lot of patience and compassion, but they are always kind and helpful. I hesitate to mention names, because I know I will leave some out. They are all wonderful. They are good to Art and us.

Matt, the activity director, has been amazing. Art tends to say “no” to any activity, but Matt has kept him busy, rarely taking “no” for an answer. I know Art is grateful that Matt talks him into stuff. He really gets Art.

Please be sure to corporately commend all of your staff on Third Malloy South. They have made the worst year ever a little more bearable for Art and his family. Again, you can be very proud of each and every one of them.


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