Daily Record, May 14, 2021

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Dawn K. Townsend to Walter P. Lang and Dawn K. Townsend, 604 W. Main St., LeGrand.

• DJ Rentals to Jodi Skidmore, 706 W. Church St.

• Jodi Skidmore to Gaston B. Feras, 706 W. Church St.

• Juan A. Villa to Rodrigo Gomez, 505 N. 12th Ave.

• Allen R. and Judy K. Dale to Allen Dave Trust and Judy Dale Trust, 2306 Knollway Drive.

May 11

• Dustin C. and Abigail Conway to Carols D. Dorado Robles, 1309 W. Boone St.

• Madlyn J. Rathje to Francisco J. Martinez Andrade, 1202 W. Olive St.

• Linda R. Neal to Howard R. and Elizabeth A. Stewart, 113 1/2 N. First St.

• Timothy D. Sletten to Jodi Robovsky, 302 N. Second St.

• Christian Valencia Estate to Maria Guzman, 1503 W. Main St.


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