Daily Record, July 8, 2021

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Lavern and Helen Marie Hoelscher to Lavern Hoelscher, 1503 S. Second St.

• Lavern Hoelscher to Peng Lian, 1503 S. Second St.

• Jeffrey L. and Margie J. Mathis to Wyatt E. Shelangoski, 2358 Oak Park Rd.

• Westwood Tax Service to Ronald and Kristen Wiseman, 204 Bevins St., Clemons.

• Lois J. Keefer to Russell L. and Ashley M. Keefer, 202 George St., Albion.

• Henry and Jami L. Rolston to Henry and Jami L. Rolston, 2711 Marble Rd., Conrad.

• Gregory R. and April M. Mumm to Robert E. and Linda J. Schelling, 2253 Knapp Ave.

• Shirley A. Rohrs to Guillermo Rodriguez Bedolla, 2007 Bryngelson Drive.

• Jose M. Ramirez Sanchez to Maria G. Rodriguez, 312 Pleasantview Rd.

• Patricia A. Baker to Christian and Haydn De Vera, 1508 Fremont St.

• Anna Butler Estate to Dylan and Kelsey Schumacher, 17 N. 11th Ave.

June 30

• Greg A. Benscoter to Alberto Corona, 706 Jackson St.

• DQ and David L. and Patricia E. Pisney to David L. Pisney Trust and Patricia E. Pisney Trust, 2107 S. Center St.

• Gregory W. and Margaret E. Murtha to Steve and Denise Rohrdanz, 2413 W. Lincoln Way.

• Gary L. and Phyllis Howard and Racer and Kelli A. Hulin to Sonny C. and Darci L. Jacobson, 2605 315th St., Laurel.

• Dale V. and Helen E. Claussen to Michael A. and Misty L. Smith, 3 Denmead Blvd.

• Diana J. Allison to Lezli Ann Hartwig, 1303 W. Church St.

• Logan and Nicole Paxton to Tha Buan, 706 Henry Drive.

• Douglas A. and Julie Chaloupek to Then Htaik, 2506 Hilltop Drive.

• Mohamed M. and Kayla M. Harajli to Dustin L. Wallace, 312 W. Madison St.

• Billi and Jorran Beebe to Conrado Perez, 902 W. State St.

• Michael A. Jr. and Misty L. Smith to Aaron Benscoter, 714 E. Anson St.

• Jesus and Brenda Villa to Robert and Maribel Burr, 202 S. Third Ave.

• Kaw La and Esther Htee to Kaw La and Esther Htee, 208 S. 11th St.

Marshalltown Police Department



• Lucille Burroughs, 24, was arrested for operating while under the influence.

• Bamenya Cesare, 31, was arrested for violation of a no contact/protective order.

• Raymond Horrell, 50, was arrested for trespassing.

• Anastasia Nichols, 25, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

• Daniel Martinez Ledesma, 43, was arrested for operating while under the influence and driving while barred as a habitual offender.


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