O’Reilly advertisers risk reputation; viewers remain

NEW YORK — While dozens of brands have said they’re pulling ads from Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” because of harassment allegations against its host, others remain to court the biggest audience on cable news.

An ad boycott against Bill O’Reilly quickly took shape following The New York Times story last weekend that five women had been paid a total of $13 million to settle their accusations of sexual misconduct or abusive behavior against him. On Thursday, more than 40 companies had said they weren’t running commercials on O’Reilly’s show, according to CNN.

One of the companies that hasn’t abandoned O’Reilly is Angie’s List. The company has a contract with Fox that doesn’t specify which program its ads will air on, and has no plans to change its strategy, said Cheryl Reed, spokeswoman for the company that offers crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses.