Kindergartner is a friend to all

Sees a future working with flowers

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Grace Moeller, 5, a kindergartner at St. Francis Catholic School, enjoys reading and coloring. Having a passion for flowers, she would like to work in a greenhouse someday.

Grace Moeller, 5, is a personable, hardworking young pupil at St. Francis Catholic School.

Her favorite activity to do in kindergarten is coloring. She also enjoys reading.

“She is at grade level and above,” said teacher Rose Freese. “She has a zest for learning, and I feel she always does her best work.”

At just the age of five, she is already showing leadership skills among her peers.

“She’s just very helpful and respectful. If she gets done with her work, she will go and help others without being asked. She also includes people in activities,” Freese said.

Grace, who comes from a family of three children, also has several indoor and outdoor cats, plus one dog. When she gets to pick what’s on the menu at mealtimes, she is partial to macaroni and cheese, and to pancakes.

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to the local YMCA-YWCA, or to a water park.

When she grows up, she envisions working at a greenhouse.

“I want to be a ‘flower worker’ — it’s when you help people get plants that they need,” the child said. “That’s where my aunt works and I like flowers.”


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