City asks helpers to track volunteer hours


The city asks that all volunteers for disaster relief keep track of their hours, according to a press release. Officials are trying to keep a total of all hours.

“If you are a group that has had volunteers in the disaster recovery, it is very important to keep records of who, how many volunteers, how many hours they volunteered and what days (dates),” the release said.

The record should include: name, group name, number of volunteers, time spent volunteering, what they were doing (cleaning up debris, feeding other volunteers, etc.) and the date.

Once you document these records, email them to or mail a copy to Marshall County Emergency Management, 2389 Jessup Avenue, Marshalltown 50247.

Tracking the hours will help with “showing the state and FEMA (if they become involved) how many hours we have in volunteering, this all adds up to help our community,” according to the release.

Once a disaster has occurred, and the state has declared a state of emergency, the state will evaluate the recovery capabilities of the state and local governments, according to FEMA’s website.

Gov. Kim Reynolds put out a disaster declaration for Marshall County, but has not designated a state of emergency for Iowa. Greer had discussions with Reynolds and her staff Thursday in Dubuque as they were all there to greet President Donald Trump in his visit to Iowa.

“If it is determined that the damage is beyond their recovery capability, the governor will normally send a request letter to the president,” according to FEMA. “The president then makes the decision whether or not to declare a major disaster or emergency.

“After a presidential declaration has been made, FEMA will designate the area eligible for assistance and announce the types of assistance available. FEMA provides supplemental assistance for state and local government recovery expenses, and the Federal share will always be at least 75 percent of the eligible costs.”

If you are registered through Red Cross or RSVP at the High School, they are tracking your hours.