Keeping safe after the storm

Marshall County Public Health nurse offers health tips

With debris from houses, businesses and trees still spread across northern Marshalltown, Marshall County Public Health Nurse Pat Thompson offered some tips and information for residents navigating streets, sidewalks and yards.


•Debris, including nails, bricks, pieces of wood, broken glass, large tree limbs and other vegetation.

•The elements, including the heat and radiation from the sun as residents clear their properties and neighborhoods.

•Animals, especially wounded ones. Mosquitos and other insects may also be a safety hazard.

•Some Marshalltown residents are still without power, meaning everyday appliances like refrigerators may not work and may lead to food safety issues.

•Downed lines may still be a risk.


•Wear appropriate clothes when navigating damaged areas: work shoes and boots, thick gloves, long sleeves and pants can protect from unexpected debris like sharp wood or glass.

•Always avoid downed power lines.

•Those wounded by debris or working to clear their yards, streets and sidewalks should seek medical attention.

•Stay hydrated when working inside or outside a building or home to clear debris. Anyone working in the sun should apply sunscreen and insect repellent with deet to fight off mosquitos.

•Make sure power tools are in experienced hands — use eye and hearing protection when using chainsaws, drills and other such equipment.

•Remember to take a rest every once in a while to protect against exhaustion and overexposure.

•Refrigerators should keep a temperature at 40 degrees or lower, avoid eating anything kept at a higher temperature from the refrigerator.


•Always call 911 in an emergency.

•Heart to Heart International is set up at Marshalltown High School, 1602 S. 2nd Ave., as of Tuesday and offers free emergency medical services.

•The Red Cross has a shelter at the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA, 108 Washington St.

•The emergency department at the UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown Medical Park at 55 Central Iowa Drive is available.


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