Man charged with forgery and identify theft



A local man was arrested earlier this week by Marshalltown Police on a warrant issued by a MPD detective stemming from a March 2018 incident. Anthony Scott Powell, 31, was charged with two criminal counts of forgery and identify theft, according to MPD and Marshall County District Court records. Powell had been arrested by the MPD on March 5 for official interference when he ran away from officers who were questioning him about a disturbance at a local motel. At the time of the arrest, Powell was in possession of a check written to him from a male subject for $600. After investigation, it was determined the check was on the subject’s actual account using all of the subject’s information, but had not been issued by the subject, nor did the subject give Powell permission to use. Powell was taken to Marshall County Jail, where he his being held on $5,000 cash or surety bond. At Powell’s initial appearance Wednesday, Marshall County District Court Judge Kim Riley ordered the state public defender’s office to represent him. Forgery and identify theft are Class D felonies. His preliminary hearing is July 20.