MHS Properties site preparation underway

Site preparation for the MHS Properties apartment complex near the intersection of 6th Street and Ingledue is well underway. MHS Properties is slated to be an “executive level” housing development while also assisting in the development of the town’s recreational trail system. Marshalltown Co. President Joe Carter announced at a city council meeting earlier this year he and wife Janelle Carter are developing the 14-unit housing complex. Joe Carter has been president of the 128-year-old Marshalltown Co. (formerly Marshalltown Trowel) for 20 years. Janelle Carter is a member of the Marshalltown Community School District school board and was previously extremely active in numerous community betterment initiatives. “Over the years, we have seen many of our (Marshalltown Community School District) administrators and teachers live outside the community,” Joe Carter said. “Forty percent of Marshalltown Co. employees live outside of Marshalltown. We have waited a long time for developers to give the community more housing, whether it be rental or purchase.” The Carters have pledged to pay for installation of a recreational trail extension from MHS Properties to the south. However, it is unclear if adjoining property owners between MHS Properties and the Linn Creek Recreational Trail will pay for their trail extensions or make a request to the city to pay the expense.