Orpheum to be rebuilt

Theater, IVCCD training center continue activities despite $1 million in estimated damage

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS Damage to the IVCCD Orpheum Theater Center and Iowa Valley Education and Training Center is estimated to exceed $1 million, district officials said at Wednesday’s IVCCD Board of Trustees meeting. The district has a $1,000 deductible and all other costs will be covered by insurance. Additionally, memorabilia that had been inside the Orpheum has been stored away until the building can be repaired.

Two Iowa Valley Community College District buildings were in the thick of the July 19 tornado as it swept through the downtown area, causing an estimated $1 million in damage. But both are in recovery.

Despite extensive damage to the building, 220 E. Main St., IVCCD Orpheum Theater Center Director Bob Untiedt said Orpheum activities are still planned throughout the community at Wednesday’s IVCCD Board of Trustees meeting.

“We’re collaborating with the 13th Street District for a couple of weeks to do our Live After 5 stuff and then the very last one will be at R.S. Stover, and that is a (Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce) collaboration as well,” Untiedt said. “All of our fall and winter events are scheduled for Dejardin Hall.”

While the Iowa Valley Education and Training Center, 206 E. Church St., didn’t get quite as much damage as the Orpheum, it still saw significant destruction.

“We had a very large iron rod that was holding up the awning at the education and training center, for example, that was skewered … into the roof at the Orpheum a block-and-a-half, two blocks away,” said IVCCD Chancellor Chris Duree. “We do know that entire roof will have to be torn off and replaced.”

Despite the damage to the Orpheum, Duree said the structure will be rebuilt, not demolished.

Beyond the “well past $1 million” damages estimated by insurance evaluators, more assessments at the Orpheum are planned. There is not yet an exact cost estimated for the damage to the two buildings.

District CFO Kathy Pink said the district has paid its $1,000 deductible and the rest will be covered by insurance.

Duree said memorabilia that had been displayed at the Orpheum was carefully recorded and then stored in “a climate-controlled environment.” The items are set to be returned to their original places when the theater is restored.


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