Flooding sights in Marshall County

T-R PHOTO BY GARRY BRADENBURG - The Iowa River flood stage appears to have crested at 1100 on Sept. 7 at 18.09 feet. Luckily, area road closers were avoided this time. Even so, this flood event made an impression and a renewed appreciation for how this river responded to too much rain in the watershed lands locally and upstream. In Albion, from Aug. 27 through Sept. 5, 7.14 inches of rain were recorded.
T-R PHOTO BY GARRY BRADENBURG - Mirror smooth floodwaters of Asher Creek surround the pasture fence at the junction of the Sand Road and Prairie Avenue on Sept. 5. Asher Creek is a major tributary to the Iowa River. Asher Creek's watershed drains 46.2 square miles.
T-R PHOTO BY GARRY BRADENBURG - Canada geese don't seem to be bothered by recent lowland flooding of the nearby Iowa River. The water these waterfowl are using is along N. Center Street on property of the Marshalltown Water Works.
T-R PHOTO BY GARRY BRADENBURG - Marshalltown's Water Treatment facility is safe even though surface floodwaters surround the area. Flood waters on the surface do not mix with deep sources of ground water that is pumped from adjacent wells. This flood crest was at least three feet below the record set in July 2014.