Pedestrian bridge collapses at Timber Creek

T-R PHOTO BY EMILY BARSKE - Fencing blocks off part of the trail at Timber Creek recreation area, 609 E. Southridge Rd., where the pedestrian bridge collapsed on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

The pedestrian bridge at Timber Creek recreation area collapsed Tuesday due to heavy rains.

Brad Weuve, parks superintendent for Marshalltown Parks and Rec, said he received a call about 7 a.m. Tuesday notifying him of the collapse. No injuries were reported. The bridge connects a trail circling the ponds at 609 E. Southridge Rd.

The collapse was caused by the north pier washing out from the heavy rain, Weuve said. The water levels in the ponds have risen at rapid speed due to the heavy rainfall over the past few days, but Weuve said he doesn’t expect them to overflow due to their structure. When the first one fills, it goes into the second pond and then water can go into a third pond from there.

To prevent people from crossing, the bridge and parts of the trail in close proximity are blocked off. There is no official timeline for how long the repairs will take, but Weuve estimates it will be several weeks to reconstruct the pier.


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